Curator & Organizer 

“Sexual Harassment in the Cultural Sector”, New Museum, March, 2018
“The Future of Work”, A/D/O & Design Republic, Shanghai, November 2017
“IdeasCity New York”, New Museum, September 2017
“IdeasCity Arles”, in partnership with the LUMA Foundation, Arles, May 2017
“IdeasCity Athens”, in partnership with NEON, Athens, September 2016
  “On Deliberate Forgetting” ICI Curatorial Intensive, New Orleans, 2017
“SOMA Mexico, Curator in Residence, 2015,
“Salon (des Refusés)” at 225 Lafayette St, 2015
“Zaha Hadid & Julia Peyton-Jones”, Architectural Association, 2015
“How to Start Your Office”, Kate Sutton, Architectural Association, 2014
“MISS Bangkok”, INDA Bangkok 2014
“The Ellen behind van Loon’’, Architectural Association, 2013
“Eva Franch’s Paella Party”, Architectural Association, 2013
“Breakfast with Beatriz Colomina and Beatrice Galilee”, Architectural Association, 2013
“Fantastic Feast”,  Architectural Association, 2013


“Care Comes in the Wake of Retreat”, e-flux Architecture, Michael S. Richards, 2017, commisioned and edited by Vere van Gool and Nick Axel for IdeasCity New York
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“Shore Wars: The Emperor Strikes Back”, e-flux Architecture, Interboro Partners, 2017,  commisioned and edited by Vere van Gool and Nick Axel for IdeasCity New York
“IdeasCity Conversations”, Clocktower Radio, 2016-2017, commisioned by Vere van Gool and Jack Ahearn for IdeasCity Athens, Arles, and New York. 


“100 Actions for the Future City” New Museum, IdeasCity, 2018
“Gabi Ngcobo and the Berlin Biennale” Vogue NL, 2018
“Interview with Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy at the Witte de With Center”, Vogue NL, 2018
“Studio Drift at the Stedelijk Museum”, Vogue NL, 2018
“Venice Biennale Previewed, Gelatin, and Heavenly Bodies”, Vogue NL, 2018
“Spiral Jetty and Sensory Spaces”, Vogue NL, 2018
“SUPERFLEX; Architectures of Play at the Tate Modern”, Vogue NL, 2018
“Hyperrealism; When Art is Designed”, Vogue NL, 2018
“The Economy of Feminism”, Vogue NL, 2018
“The Multi-dimensions of Rachel Rossin’s Virtual Reality”, Vogue NL, 2018
“Kindred Spirits of Apichatpong Weerasethakul”, Vogue NL, 2018
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"A Salon by Evelyn Taocheng Wang”, Vogue NL, 2017
“Minimalism by Rasheed Araeen”, Vogue NL, 2017
“Eenwerk”, Vogue NL, 2017
“On Dutch Design Week”, Vogue NL, 2017
“Apichatpong Weerasethakul vs.Cao Guimarães”, Vogue NL, 2017

“How To Invent Art Museums of the Future; Vere van Gool and Maja Hoffman interviewed by Dorothee Depuis”, Crash Magazine, 2017
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“Femininity in Design”, AA Conversations, 2014


Panel discussion on power bias in the cultural industries, New Museum, March, 2018
Panel discussion with Afripedia and Karen Wong, Design Republic & A/D/O, 2017
Panel discussion with Andrea de Chirico and Ottonie von Roeder, Design Republic, 2017
Panel discussion with GSAPP graduates, New Museum, 2017
Lecture on curatorial practices at NEW INC’s GSAPP Incubator, 2017
Lecture on curatorial practices at ICI New Orleans, 2017
Panel discussion with Bouchra Khalili and Amanda Williams, LUMA Foundation, 2017
Panel discussion with Rossane Haggerty and Thomas Doxiadus, NEON Athens, 2016
Lecture on the design of digital space, Storefront for Art and Architecture, 2016
Lecture on curatorial practices and gender equality, Architecture Foundation, 2016
Lecture on London’s reclining public space, Architectural Association, 2015
Lecture on art, design, and feminism, Chelsea College of Art and Design, 2014
Panel discussion on women in architecture, Architectural Association, 2013
Panel discussion on architecture and cinema, Architectural Association, 2012
Panel discussion on Herman Hertzberger’s oeuvre, Technical University of Delft, 2010
Lecture on design of politics, BKB Academy, 2010
Lecture on climate change, United Nations Youth Delegation, COP19, 2009


Cooper Union, 2018
Cooper Union, 2017
GSAPP, Columbia University, 2018
Architectural Association School of Architecture, 2017
University of Pennsylvania, 2017
Architectural Association School of Architecture, 2016
Central Saint Martins, 2015
Chelsea College of Arts, 2015
Architectural Association School of Architecture, 2015
Goldsmiths, University of London, 2015
Architectural Association School of Architecture, 2014
Chelsea College of Arts, 2014
Architectural Association School of Architecture, 2013
Technical University of Delft, 2013
University of Oregon, 2014 


Architectural Association
Central St. Martins
Chelsea College of Arts